Monday, February 19, 2007

What positive thoughts i have today?

Well, its seems pretty much grateful for what I've been through during the weekend chores. Sunday mass, Home sweet home where i spent most the time with nephews and families. I'm grateful again today having this wonderful sunny Monday to live as it will be my last. And I'm thankful to God for giving me this wonderful day. Not like any other day, few of colleagues at work are easy and slow this time, so i thought they were still exhausted and stressed from this past Saturday basketball sponsored by the company.

I'm thinking of visiting one of my friend after lunch today, she's still waiting of when should i go to visit her at work and make a little chit-chat. She might have good news for me about my other friend i personally attached with. Other than that, I will going to submit an assignment report to my Boss Arlene this afternoon and this need a rush. Tonight, i might as will be going straight home to finish some errands and spent some time with my nephews.

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