Monday, March 5, 2007

Google Adsense Success Stories

The following is a list of the Internet’s eight biggest Google AdSense Money Makers publishers. I got this from John Chow. His post provides a lot of detail with the list and I will not repeat the details here. It is interesting to see the big winners. Big corporate AdSense publishers like AOL are excluded. These sites all have content that people want and so this serves as a list of the content that people want on the web.

1: Markus Frind: - $300,000 per month, the biggest free dating site on the Internet. It has only two employees, as the post said, “Doubts about Makus’s Google earnings were silenced when he posted this $900,000 check from Google. According to Markus’s blog entry, the check represented two months of AdSense earnings.”

2: Kevin Rose: - $250,000 per month (guess), one of the biggest news sites on the Net, with over 400,000 members and over 200 million page views per month.

3: Jeremy Shoemaker - $140,000 per month, a search engine marketer who knows how to take advantage of both Google AdSense and AdWords and uses hundreds of sites and thousands of domains, unlike all the others, who have one site.

4: Jason Calacanis: Weblogs, Inc. - $120,000 per month (before AOL) as the post said, “Now that AOL controls Weblogs, you can bet it is making a lot more than a measly $120,000 a month.” His work was covered in Business Blogs: a Practical guide, along with two netwrok blogs, The Office Weblog and The Tablet PC Weblog by Marc Orchant.

5: David Miles Jr. & Kato Leonard - $100,000 per month, gives away designs that people can use on MySpace. Not a bad idea.

6: Tim Carter: - $30,000 per month, “catering to an avid following of fellow builders on the site.”

7: Joel Comm - $24,000 per month, get rich quick guru who wrote the best selling e-book, What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense.

8: Shawn Hogan – $10,000 per month using a unique revenue sharing model that was not detailed on the post.

Here also is a Google Ad placement Hotspot diagram. Good luck and maybe you will be on the next list

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